Namibia Key Health Facts

Namibia_Flag12NAMIBIA Facts
• Estimated total population: 1,830,330
• Area: 317,874 sq. mi. / 823,290 sq. km.
• Maternal mortality ratio: 449 per 100,000 live births
• HIV prevalence (pregnant women 15–39): 18.8%*
Highest: 29.7% among pregnant women 35–39
Lowest: 6.6% among pregnant women 15–19
• Tuberculosis prevalence: 589 per 100,000
• Under-5 mortality rate: 69 per 1,000
*HIV sentinel surveillance in Namibia is conducted
among pregnant women; men and children
are not included.

Sources: Central Bureau of Statistics/2001Census; World Bank, 2011; Report on the 2010 National HIV Sentinel Survey;
MoHSS NTLP Annual Report 2009/10; Namibia Demographic and Health Survey, 2006-7.

Positive – not just electricity

quotes_on_making_positive_changesPositive has an opposite – negative, not just in electricity but in life too.

Our mind is something very unique we have been blessed with which has the ability to make decisions, but also think either positive or negative; good or bad; encouraging or insulting. HOW we think, positive or negative, can influence our wellness significantly.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with depression after a was put on epilepsy medication. Supposedly I had been diagnosed with epilepsy just two months prior after a seizure caused me to crash my car into a barrier and waking up in ambulance being told I have had  a seizure. Until then I was always a happy and positive person, in my thoughts and actions. I knew I could achieve anything I set my mind to. But the medication I was put on had severe side effects which released an over flux of cortisol, a hormone you don’t want to have too much of I realized.

My thought pattern changed and I caught myself ‘thinking’ more bad thoughts, negativity slowly started to take over my life. Not until I realized I had no control over my appetite, mood and thoughts which increasingly became suicidal, I decided that I needed help as life was not really ‘fun’ this way anymore and I believe if you are not happy with where you are, then you need to change something. And so I was put on anti depressants. Knowing that my body was just experiencing an overflow of cortisol and until my hormone levels could regulate themselves again, I would have to take some medication.

5 months later and a lot of ‘forcing’ myself to do things I love and I knew that usually make me feel good (although I never felt like it), I stopped with the medication. I was feeling and thinking more positive than negative during the day and that is when I knew I was better.

It was a tough year as I had to give up driving, but yet again God had a plan and to this day I have not had any further seizures! However I am still convinced I have had a seizure due to too much worry and stress – cortisol hormones were having a open pool party, but now I am making sure my serotonin (feel good) hormones are having party after party 🙂

Change things around you when you are not happy with where you are!! God bless and L!ve L!fe Well ®